Building & Additions

Quality is the key to excellent output

Service which meet your budget – 2nd storey Building

Alcka Developments provide you another marvelous service, which is we can construct any
addition comes to your building. Including a storey or a separate bathroom etc. If you are dreaming about
another storey, Alcka Developments is the best solution that you ever sought.

You can always come for a flexible and attractive pricing when it comes to additions. It
will definitely suits to your budget. According to your wish we can add or remove things
from the initial plan too. Alcka Developments provides you renovation service too. If your
house or building require a renovation or something to be repaired, call us and get our
immediate renovation team out there to get it fixed.

We have more attractive pricing plans and packages for
additions. You can always get our expertise assistance to advance the privilege.


Do you feel like you need one more bathroom to your house or another room, do you
feel like your house is congested and nowhere to build another room? Here we come with all the
solutions for your problems with our wonderful additions service.


Need a renovation to your home? Alcka Developments have a renovation team which
is always on line to assist your renovation related problems. We provide any large – scale
renovation for both interior and exterior.

Attractive Packages

We offer attractive packages with affordable prices especially for additions and renovation.

Customer Centric Service

Alcka Developments always provides 24/7 service at your feet. We just want to
make sure that you are safe under the roof.

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