Why should I choose Alcka Developments for Design & Build?

Alcka Developments provides a first class service in designing, building & customer service. Most of experienced professionals are part of our team who are working hard day and night in order to get the work done. We provide attractive packages and flexible solutions according to your budget. Moreover that we always give priority to everything in your project from the beginning to end until you get your new custom building.

Can you assist me get design, plans and permits?

Alcka Developments do assist you on some challenging tasks of getting architectural designs, blueprints and all the necessary zoning permits. With our expertise & our work experience more than 30 years can help you in a variety of residential remodeling and design projects, we make sure everything meets the building requirements during the construction period.

Can I pay visit to my new custom home during the construction process?

Hence this is your dream home we will be glad you are coming and seeing it. But we consider you’re your safety is the priority and in order to visit construction site you have to communicate with our project coordinators to make special arrangements for you to come and visit the site. So during your visit to the site we will quit all the work process in the site and make sure that you will be safe inside the construction site.

Is it really required to move out from my home during the renovation process?

Our working team mostly isolates certain areas and constructs in those specific areas, in this case it will help you to access most of your home without removing you from all areas at once. In other words if it is not a total tear down but simply an addition, Alcka Developments work with you to stay you in your home during the construction period as well.

How does it custom boat house or a water villa process working on if I have a cottage already?

We maintain a similar building procedure to the upcoming custom boat house related with you existing cottage. Our team makes sure designs and blueprints comply with building codes and height restrictions. Once the initial steps of the planning and designing of custom boat house is done, we can start building your boathouse.

How long does a design project take to complete?

It’s all depend on the requirement of the project and the situation at that moment. However our designing team will be happy to finish your project as soon as possible. We give you an estimate time your project will take with your quotation. Exterior designs that require construction can take a bit longer than interior design related projects such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. Actually the estimated duration for the project will be announced you at the very beginning of the project and if there’s any delay we will inform you over the phone or send you a message to your phone.

What is the difference between an architect and interior/exterior designer?

The architect is the person who deals with the structural elements of the build such as the plans, getting approval from a council or drawing blueprints for your project. The interior designer will be designing or responsible for the aesthetic appeal of your home. They guide you on such elements like wallpaper, paint colors, fabrics and other finishing details for your project.

What are the benefits of skeletal structure building versus wooden structures?

The use of steel make sure that the base of your home is very stable and it won’t bend or form drywall cracks. It is advised to use in-order to resist the worst climate conditions globally and provides stability through high winds and earthquakes.

Skeletal structure method is environment friendly as steel is 100% recyclable and no waste during assembly. The material does not require any sort of cutting. It is also energy efficient, resulting in fewer emissions and greater energy savings.

The most remarkable benefit is that it won’t catch fire, get damaged by water and does not leave any room for pests. This makes it an ideal technology for homeowners looking to invest in durable homes.


This method is much faster than the traditional way of building. It depend on the requirement and also the plan and design of your custom new home. However it will take not more than two months to finish usually.  Alcka Developments gives you an estimate of the project timeline and we will provide a quotation and daily updates to your phone.

How do you determine project costs?

Alcka Developments understand the project demands and prioritizes for your design. Ultimately we determine an estimate for this project. It will balance both your design demands and finishing, while keeping your budget line and other demands.