Plan & Construction

Own home is everyone’s dream and it will not possible without a proper planning. Alcka Developments always think about how to fly and succeed the plan that is in your brain. Our expertise including designers will sit long hours to discuss and get this dream let out.


Custom Construction

If you already have your architectural plans and you have completed your dream project in your head, why not giving it to us? Alcka Developments always happy to go on with it and work on it until you get your new custom home. It is a home or a building built from a..


Building & Additions

Alcka Developments provide you another marvelous service, which is we can construct any addition comes to your building. Including a storey or a separate bathroom etc. If you are dreaming about another storey, Regal Homes is the best solution that you ever sought.


Water Villas, cottages & Hotel

Alcka Developments named for water villa & cottage home constructions. We’ve being pioneers for a decade in this department. Water villas and cottages, one thing that very close to nature. We have a separate department with expertise to supervise these constructions.


Skeletal building Structure

As a result of our long term experiments, we discovered a unique way of building construction method. The obstacles that we faced during our own projects and such terrible solutions that we had to take to solve those problems took us to innovate this kind .



They are the expertise and they know how to provide what you exactly want. They are extremely innovative and fresh. They are the only people who can build you custom home. Alcka Developments consisted with a team of creative designers who are always