Our Spirit

Quality is the key to excellent output

Alcka Developments consisted with a multitasking team with six distinguished departments. We higher highly skillful, versatile and experienced professionals in-order to provide a uniform service to each client. We do have innovative designers, experienced engineers, managers, administrative professionals and friendly customer service staff.

we have several years of experienced employees working as a team. and always make our employees go through proper trainings and upgrading processes in order to keep the best level to provide first hand service. Especially we take care always our designers get up date in gathering knowledge to go with new trends in modern construction methods. During past 30 years of our history there were many professionals worked with us.

Designing & Planning Department

This is the heart of Alcka Developments also the busiest department. We do have numerous number of Canadian designers or architectures who are currently working with us. They so energetic and willful until they finish the project. They are mostly working as a team with each other and very impressively coordinating with other departments too.

Engineering Department

Currently we have quite large number of Canadian engineers working with us. They constantly working with designing team to get the custom home built.

Project Coordinating Department

This is the department where directly dealing with customer. Most of the times they arrange meetings, site visiting and other stuff. This department is consisted with project managers, project coordinators and team leaders.

Supervision Department

This is the department where they monitor the progress of the project and giving information to the customer service in order to make sure customer is aware about the details. They make sure the process is going smooth and take care of the final quality of the project. It’s consisted with senior engineers & architectures.

Estimating Department

This is the team where you see all the administrative level works going on. It’s consisted with accounting and legal sections. This department usually put their work weight on numbers and legal policies.

Maintenance Department

All the carpenters, plumbers and other labors including renovation team will come under this. We have huge number of labor workers who are working under our ongoing projects now.

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