Section One – Initial Inquiry

Upon your initial enquiry with regards to having a Custom Home or Renovation built, we will be able to give your insight into the design and construction process, costs and the timelines involved for your potential project. We can do this right over the phone. We have a three tier pricing system, so the budgeting at this point will be a rough estimate.

Section Two – Preparatory Consultation

One of our project coordinators will meet with you at your convenience to collect general information regarding your project. We will determine what sort of design work you need unless you already have your architectural plan in your mind. If you do not have any drawings completed yet we will decide whether your project require the skills of a draftsman, an architectural technologist, or an architect.

Section Three – Design Agreement

  • It will be a typical design agreement to cover up.
  • Basic measurements of existing house if required (For renovations only)
  • Presentation and explanation of preparatory drawings for the project
  • Review and applying changes to preparatory drawings by client.
  • Final review by client to be approved.
  • Engineered by an authorized and certified P. Eng.
  • Generally you will be charged by a flat rate for this service.

When we complete all these drawings you will have in your possession a complete set of working drawings. Drawings will include architectural drawings, layout, elevations, plan view, plumbing fixture location, cross sections, and roof layout and site plan.

These drawings will be acceptable and authorized for the submission of a building permit application and also for the committee of adjustment purposes.
The design agreement will outline associated costs required for the building permit submission. These items will have surveys, heat loss/gain calculations, HVAC design drawings, site plan approval, committee of adjustment costs, and municipal deposits. These design agreement may be executed directly with Alcka Developments or with one of our subsidiary company or referred professionals.

Section Four – Project Estimating Section

When completion or presentation of acceptable working drawings, Alcka Developments will be able to rate your project accordingly. We can price your job one of three ways:

1.Lump Sum Option:
This making us providing you with fully detailed estimate based on the working drawing plans. Alcka Developments will provide a fixed rate for the complete scope of work with allowances for different finishes.

It’s not required for a detailed cost breakdown on anything other than the permitted items. Any changes to the scope of work will be charged on a change order basis.

2.Cost Plus Option :
This option has a fixed percentage rate that will be charged over and above the actual construction costs of the project. All subcontractor costs and supplier costs will be disclosed. The property owner knows for whom the payments are going. There are no hidden rates and fees. This makes more comfort and trust level between Alcka Developments and the property owner because the all the rates are known including labor and material rates. Another important benefit of this option for you is you only pay for services completed to date, so it’s make sure that all aspects of the project are paid in full. This also means that the property owner doesn’t have to pay for tasks not yet completed.

3.Project Coordination Fee Method:
Alcka Developments will act as the project coordinator for you. The project coordinator will come into a formal contract with each contractor on behalf of the client, in the form of a fixed price contract. The client can take as small or as much as involvement in the actual construction when they want. It provides ultimate flexibility to save on costs if the client wants to get involved in any of ongoing work. There is no conflict of interest with the client, project coordinator will seek to resolve conflict in the interests of the client throughout the entire project, while also considering those of the contractors. Alcka Developments charges a flat project fee or a monthly fee for this option.

Section Five – Construction

Alcka Developments’ expertise staff will be available and responsible to answer any questions and address any issues, doubts that you may have during the construction and until the final inspection has been signed off. We will assist you through the entire process and make you stress free.

We will coordinate the entire project from the day the contract is signed, until the day the project is completely finished and signed off by the city inspectors.

Alcka Developments will manage and coordinate the progress and schedules of all tradesmen, laborers, , interior decorators, craftsmen, technicians, architects, engineers, mechanical contractors, neighboring home owners, electrical authority officials, city officials, utility contractors and regional service providers. We will manage all authorized and applicable inspections including your final occupancy permit.

Warranty Permit

Alcka Developments is a registered and authorized builder with a renowned legal authorization company in Toronto. Through this association we will provide you with a 7 year full time warranty for your home.


Alcka Developments – has a “4 stage Pricing and Finishing Levels” to find and decide your specific project to fit your budget. The various levels and schemes differ in terms of interior and exterior finishes, basement heights, first floor and 2nd floor heights, 3rd floor height, cathedral ceiling vs. flat ceilings, complexity of construction and design, quality of HVAC system and many other factors. The levels are Mat, Bolt, Premium, and “off the chart”. All of our levels are built with the highest standards and qualities of workmanship and high quality of materials applicable to this specific level. We strictly remind you that these are Custom Home Levels. Premium is already far better to any subdivision type of quality.