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Quality is the key to excellent output

Feel the nature while you living – Alcka Developments Water Villas

Alcka Developments named for water villa & cottage home constructions. We’ve being pioneers for a decade in this department. Water villas and cottages, one thing that very close to nature. We have a separate department with expertise to supervise these constructions.

Water villas & cottages are very peculiar and unique attractive magnets of travelers. Most of the time these places use to be their destinations. It has become a trend now. People always want their home to be something unique & Eco-friendly. It is the key part of architecture in hotel industry too.

This particular construction takes lads of pre work such as site visiting and planning. Mostly Alcka Developments will first talk and look at the client’s requirement. Mostly it needs a picturesque surrounding with more green to it.

Site Visiting

Alcka Developments believe that cottage or water villa construction require a lot of site visiting and pre-planning. We are very flexible and always want to move with our client’s choice. Even though if it is several number of site visits we have no issues of coming there and inspecting it.

High Quality Services

Water Villa and cottage related construction based on high quality ingredients. All the material that we use for these kind of constructions are in high quality. Hence water villas supposed to be in the water, so we always take care of the quality of output, just be sure that you are safe.


If you have a land or plan for a cottage, we will be so happy to accompany with you to have it built. On the other hand if you have a cottage which is very old and if you want to renovate it or if you want to extend it with additions, Alcka Developments can assist at any time at your convenience. Adding fountains, water ponds, landscaping also included in this service.

Custom Firendly Service

To get more information or to check about an ongoing project you may no need to come and visit our office. Now you can experience the wonderful text service which is exclusively from Alcka Developments to get to know the status of your ongoing project or can call our 24/7 hotline.

Designing – Interior, Exterior

Designing department is the heart of Alcka Developments. We kept a remarkable trademark for dignity and pride of our designing work in construction business. We always maintain our professionals’ skills updated and well trained. We have competed numerous number of projects containing wonderfully designed exterior and interior in Toronto area for past decade.

We provide customer friendly atmosphere and always your fresh ideas are welcome. Usually we believe in couple of meetings with client also site visiting at several times may help us understand the client’s requirement well.

Some want to renovate their entire house to a modern scale. In that case Alcka Developments do have packages and attractive prices especially for renovation purposes. Apart from this if you want to facelift your house or need a front façade, we are there to assist you with our experience more than a decade in the industry.

In addition we have packages and design, we also provide a secure virtual cloud management system. This allows our customers to access project schedules and documents, to view the progress of the project and we have a 24/7 text message service, which can send you images of interior and exterior as well. You can anytime terminate or postpone the project with this customer centric service.

Unique Designs

In the past decade, Alcka Developments has kept their client extremely happy. We always delighted to break the wave and think out of the box. Alcka Developments having numerous collection of interior and exterior design solutions. We have categorized all these designs modern, traditional, ecofriendly and simplicity. These verities will give you a glimpse of idea to your dream home


Are you looking for a renovation, a modern house? Alcka Developments so particular about renovating and we have a separate department to look after this subject. We provide entire building renovation or partial or additions. There are flexible and affordable packages. Only the thing you have to is to pick one!

Can get Updates Easily About the Project

Our 24/7 message service will give access to clients to get updates about their ongoing project or get more information regarding interior or exterior designing.

Virtual Cloud Management

With the busy life that everyone is heading today you may don’t have time to go and visit your project but Alcka Developments provides you a new feature that you can access to your ongoing project and see the current status.

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