Plan & Construction

Quality is the key to excellent output

Alcka Developments provides the exquisite solutions to make your dream come true!

Own home is everyone’s dream and it will not possible without a proper planning. Alcka Developments always think about how to fly and succeed the plan that is in your brain. Our expertise including designers will sit long hours to discuss and get this dream let out. Definitely the best way to go about designing and building your new dream home or renovation at the very beginning.

Alcka Developments have verity of designs for interior design, exterior design as well as landscaping. We can help you to pick up your choice and lead the designers and architectures to start initial stage of your dream home.

We do provide all or some of the services mentioned above according to your choice and comfort. We offer several levels of construction and finishing details. The levels are Mat, Bolt, Premium, and “off the chart”.

We do have attractive price plans for each design and also we can give flexible solutions according to your budget. From the beginning to the end we are committed to keep a close contact with client and will pay a visit whenever it’s needed. We have 24/7 customer service support and you can reach us any time without physically coming to our office.

Planning and Designing

This is the initial stage of a construction and we give maximum attention to this stage since it is the heart of the construction. We also assist to build a new custom home or cottage, as well as completing the entire landscape package. We also provide all interior designs, exterior designs and product selections for you.


It’s so important that we always give the priority to our client’s idea, also their requests. We always strive to give more flexible solutions according to the client’s choice. Customer centric service In case of communication requirement or any other thing we have 24/7 customer support service at your requirement. We do maintain a message service and will update the client regarding the status of the construction too.

High Quality

We kept our trade mark in construction business more than a decade. So that’s why we want to provide the best at your feet. We use the best quality products and we assure that our working team also keep the standards of quality for a better output.

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